Nová květnice - family houses sale


Residential project Nová Květnice is located in a pleasant location of Květnice in close proximity to nature on the border of Prague. The project is divided into several stages. During the first phase, new Townhouses will be built for sale with dispositions of four-room (4+KK) to five-room (5+KK), each of which has a garden. Parking is provided by own garage spaces. In the next stages, the New Květnice project will offer to its future residents a complete civic amenity, which will include a kindergarten, shops, cafes, a playground.

Transport accessibility

Transport accessibility is provided by bus lines in Květnice and railway stops, which are located in the neighboring town of Úvaly u Prahy and in Prague 9 - Klánovice. Prague Masarykovo nádraží train station is a 25-minute train ride away.

The metro station B - Černý Most can be reached by car within 15 minutes.

Nová květnice - family houses sale


In the immediate vicinity, Lidl, Albert, Penny and Billa supermarkets can be used for everyday shopping. The popular Černý Most shopping center and IKEA store are only a 15 minute drive away.

Nature at your fingertips

The picturesque surrounding nature with forests, pastures and ponds allows you to take daily walks or just enjoy nature. The nearby Klánovický les is part of the Klánovice-Čihadla Nature Park. On its territory there is the Klánovický les - Cyrilov nature reserve and the Prameniště Blatovského potoka protected natural area.

Nová květnice - family houses sale

Sport and fun

The variety of activities in this area includes for example jogging and hiking. Květnice is an ideal starting point for cycling trips. You will also appreciate the proximity of the Klánovický les Nature Park, which offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities. 608 444 701